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Charlton Athletic Miscellany: Addicks Trivia, History, Facts & Stats

Автор: Matt Eastley
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 160
ISBN: 1908051523
Charlton Athletic Miscellany collects together all the most vital information you never knew you needed to know about the Addicks. In these pages you will find irresistible anecdotes and the most mindblowing stats and facts - Heard the one about Edwardian fans brandishing fishes on sticks at 'Haddocks' matches? Or the 'League Liner' away trip whose price included a dolphins' football match between Brighton and Charlton? What about the 1965 match when the referee and captains agreed to mime the toss-up? Do you know when The Valley hosted its record attendance of 75,031? Or a striptease stag night to boost a midfielder's testimonial fund? Or which manager turned down the club to run a sweetshop? All these stories and hundreds more appear in a brilliantly researched collection of trivia - essential for any fan who holds the riches of Charlton Athletic's history close to their heart.
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