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Champions of Verlaine 2: Hawkwind the Bard Series--Book III Part 2

Автор: Granvil A. Pennington
Год: 2003
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 178
ISBN: 059529121, 059529121X, 059529121X
Book DescriptionBoth of the elven girls stood slowly and began casting their enchantments. Thea's spell was finished a slight bit ahead of Iliryle's and the area was suddenly brightened by a twin-pronged bolt of lighting that shot from her palm. The boltstruck unerringly at the supposed hobgoblin leader and it blasted him to a cinder. The roar of thunder following the bolt arrived as a swelling ball of mage fire swam toward the cluster of enemies at the base of the small hill. Thea and Iliryle were just close enough to see flashes of fear cross many of the hobgoblins' faces as they recognized that rapidly expanding ball of death. A flash and blast of sound indicated the arrival of the fiery ball and those caught in its blast were enveloped in flames. Cries and howls of pain came up toward Iliryle and Thea but they were too busy ducking as Hawkwind and the elven archers darted onto the hilltop. A story of high magic, adventure and flashing swordplay set against the background of...
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