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Автор: Amy Newman
Год: 2003
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 560
ISBN: 1569473528
Book Description " Artforum radically transformed the rules of the game. . . . This lively book, in which gossip becomes oral history, records how and why. . . . Newman should be commended."? Artforum "Newman?s book [makes] the activities of a handful of magazine editors and art critics seem totally fascinating . . . [It] provides an incredible amount of information about the evolution of American art, perhaps even more than can be found in the pages of Artforum itself."? Art in America "[I]ncisive and absorbing . . . An absolutely indispensable resource for anyone studying the field."??Irving Sandler, American Art of the Sixties "An accurate, honest, evenhanded -portrait of an extraordinary era in the words of the key players at the most important journal. . . . A great read."?Chuck Close, artist
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