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?-Catenin, TCF, and ICAT: Novel Roles in T Cell Development, Function, and Aging

Автор: Mohammad Zulfiquer Hossain
Год: 2010
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 196
ISBN: 3838334507
In addition to working together to drive expression of target genes, ?-catenin and TCF often work independently of each other. They both regulate several stages of T cell development, but their mode of action remains poorly understood. To study the specific role of ?-catenin-TCF interactions in T cells, we generated transgenic mice that express ICAT, a naturally occurring inhibitor of ?-catenin-TCF interactions, in the T cell lineage. We found that ?-catenin-TCF interactions are important for thymocyte survival, but not for proliferation or differentiation. Interestingly, thymocyte aging slows down in ICAT-Tg mice, suggesting a role for ?-catenin-TCF interactions in normal thymic involution. We also discovered that ?-catenin-TCF interactions provide survival signals to activated T cells and promote differentiation of activated CD4 T cells into the default Th2 lineage. However, TCF represses Th1 differentiation independently of its interaction with ?-catenin. This study, thus,...
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