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Caribbean Cruises

Автор: Sue Bryant, Sarah Cameron
Год: 2012
Издание: Apa Publications Ltd
Страниц: 400
ISBN: 9781780050218
Insight Guide Caribbean Cruises is your comprehensive guide book to cruising the Caribbean, with full-color photos throughout combining with the lively narrative. Our inspirational "Best of Caribbean Cruising" section outlines top attractions and activities not to be missed, while features by local writers cover not just the cruising angle but the cultural one too. Get to grips with the world of cruising: from choosing the right cruise for you and planning onboard activities vs shore excursions, to glimpses behind the scenes, cruiseship cuisine and pampering, and even tips on how to make your Caribbean cruising as environmentally friendly as possible. We cover the history and culture of this region in more detail than any other Caribbean cruises book on the market – our cultural information on the Caribbean people and the region’s history, along with colorful features on subjects such as Carnival, Architecture and the Underwater World, give you the full picture of cruising in the...
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