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Canadian Flyer Adventures #12: On the Case!

Автор: Frieda Wishinsky
Год: 2009
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 96
ISBN: 1897349548
When friends Emily Bing and Matt Martinez discovered the old red sled in Emily’s attic, they never dreamed it had magical powers. But when they rubbed the sled’s maple leaf logo, they suddenly found themselves in the year 1577, helping Martin Frobisher search for the Northwest Passage. Since then, the sled has taken them back through time, again and again, to experience the most exciting points in North American history. This time, they’ve landed in 1888, in the rough, tough western town of Galbraith’s Ferry. They’re relieved to see the legendary figure of Sam Steele, the burly superintendent of the Northwest Mounted Police, who’s ridden in to restore order to this lawless outpost. As he works on a tough murder case, Emily and Matt are only too happy to help. It’s said that the Mounties “always get their man,” but in this case, Steele isn’t so sure. Can Matt and Emily stay out of danger while helping him clear an innocent man?
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