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Cambridge English for Schools: Starter Student's Book

Автор: Andrew Littlejohn, Diana Hicks
Год: 2002
Издание: Cambridge University Press
Страниц: 96
ISBN: 0521567955
"Cambridge English for Schools" is a new approach to English, designed especially for young students. The course features: a communicative, task-based approach content and concepts which reflect students' own lives, interests and studies an approach which is effective with mixed-ability classes a clearly-structured, active approach to grammar regular revision and evaluation learner choice, decision-making and autonomy The Starter level of "Cambridge English for Schools" is for complete beginners. It is followed by levels 1-4. This "New Look" Student's Book contains exactly the same material as the original book but is even clearer and more accessible. It can be used with the existing components, which are unchanged, and also in the same class as copies of the original Student's Book.
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