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Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary (+ CD-ROM)

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 2009
Издание: Cambridge University Press
Страниц: 1852
ISBN: 9780521712668
A brand new edition of the "Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary" and CD-ROM, that is now more user-friendly than ever. This brand new edition features hundreds of new words, and "Word partner" boxes to help you use words in the most natural way. New features include: New! "Extra help" section includes maps, illustrations and photos, and the innovative "Let's Talk" section which focuses specifically on spoken English. New! Even more Learner Error notes taken from the Cambridge Learner Corpus help you to avoid common mistakes. New! Thesaurus panels help you widen your vocabulary. The CD-ROM contains the whole dictionary, with thousands of example sentences; recordings of every word in British and American English; extra collocation information; the unique SMART thesaurus and QUICKfind, a mini pop-up dictionary. Interactive exercises include real past papers from IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE and BEC.
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