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Call of the Wolf

Автор: Madelaine Montague
Год: 2010
Издание: CreateSpace
Страниц: 208
ISBN: 1451572727
Abigail Winthrope was having a hard enough time adjusting to her new identity without the complication of discovering she'd landed next door to a pack of men that looked like they'd gather for a male model convention. She couldn't afford to become involved with any of the locals-be they ever so attractive-and, considering her last disastrous relationship, she really wasn't interested-especially when she discovered the men gathered at the bed and breakfast next door for the Harvest Moon Festival all belonged to a motorcycle gang. She'd had enough experience with gangs and cops for a life time. Seth Banner, Cameron Fontaine, Adrian Paulson, and Jerico Collins aren't 'simply irresistible', however. From the moment she falls under their 'radar', they seem to be laboring under the belief that she belongs to them. Rating: Carnal, multiple partners, adult situations and language.
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