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Автор: Richard Watkins, Christopher Deliso
Год: 2008
Издание: Lonely Planet Publications
Страниц: 332
ISBN: 9781741044744
Lounge on sandy Black Sea beaches, hike in the spectacular Rila Mountains and soak up Bulgaria's fascinating history in frescoed monasteries and Roman ruins. Whether you're in search of cultural riches or outdoor pursuits, this bestselling guide will inspire you to uncover all the delights of Bulgaria. Immerse Yourself - our discerning cultural coverage includes folk festivals, lovingly restored national revival architecture and Byzantine ruins. Find Adventure - our dedicated Great Outdoors chapter describes some of Europe's best budget ski runs and where to see brown bears, wolves and over 400 species of birds. Drink Up with information on where to find the best Bulgarian wines. Get Around - over 30 detailed maps include Cyrillic for easy navigation. Sleep Tight in family guesthouses and mountain huts - reviews to suit every taste and budget.
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