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Building Web Applications with C# and .NET: A Complete Reference

Автор: Dudley W. Gill
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0849312507
Microsoft's introduction of its XML Web platform, .NET Framework, and its C# programming language signal Microsoft's total entry into e-commerce, fundamentally changing the way businesses and people interact over the Internet. Building Web Applications with C# and .NET: A Complete Reference is a comprehensive resource with a sharp focus on how to develop and deploy distributed applications using Microsoft's .NET Framework and C#. Written for C++, Visual Basic, Java, and ASP programmers making the transition to .NET, the text begins by providing the fundamentals of network programming and then expands these basics to demonstrate how to use the concepts and capabilities of .NET for developing distributed applications.Heavily referenced with many exercises,the text provides a clear, detailed exposition on the essential elements of the .NET Framework requisite to distributed programming. Coverage of ASP, C#, ADO Database Access, HTML, XM, WSDL and SOAP, and Web Services make this text the...
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