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Building the Customer-Centric Enterprise: Data Warehousing Techniques for Supporting Customer Relationship Management

Автор: Claudia Imhoff, Lisa Loftis, Jonathan G. Geiger
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ISBN: 0471319813
Strategies for leveraging information technologies to improve customer relationships With E-business comes the opportunity for companies to really get to know their customers--who they are and their buying patterns. Business managers need an integrated strategy that supports customers from the moment they enter the front door--or Web site--right through to fulfillment, support, and promotion of new products and services. Along the way, IT managers need an integrated set of technologies--from Web sites to databases and data mining tools--to make all of this work. This book shows both IT and business managers how to match business strategies to the technologies needed to make them work. Claudia Imhoff helped pioneer this set of technologies, called the Corporate Information Factory (CIF). She and her coauthors take readers step-by-step through the process of using the CIF for creating a customer-focused enterprise in which the end results are increased market share and improved...
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