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Britannica First Edition Replica Set (комплект из 3 томов)

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 2005
Издание: Encyclopaedia Britannica
Страниц: 2666
ISBN: 9780852290668
Encyclopaedia Britannica continues to be an authoritative resource. The 81,000 articles are signed by more than 4,300 contributors and have extensive bibliographies. The latest printing retains the Micropaedia/Macropaedia/Propaedia structure: short articles for quick reference in the Micropaedia, in-depth treatment of broad topics in the Macropaedia, and an "outline of knowledge" in the Propaedia. The articles on non-U.S. countries in the Macropaedia are extensive - India is 175 pages long. Afghanistan is updated through 2004 with information about the new constitution and government formed by Hamid Karzai, making it more current than the Micropaedia entry, which ends with the overthrow of the Taliban. The Micropaedia entry for Yasir Arafat notes his November 2004 death. The 84 new articles in this printing include Kerry, John; Nanotechnology; Wal-Mart; Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD); and Yo-Yo Ma. New articles on Animal rights, Monkeypox, and SARS update biomedical coverage....
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