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Britannia and Muscovy: English Silver at the Court of the Tsars

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 2006
Издание: Yale Center for British Art, The Gilbert Collection, Государственный историко-культурный музей-заповедник "Московский Кремль", Yale University Press
Страниц: 304
ISBN: 0300116780
This superbly illustrated book presents objects from the exceptional collection of English silver in the Moscow Kremlin Museums, where one of the world's greatest surviving groups of English sixteenth- and seventeenth-century silver is housed. Much of the silver from this period was melted down during the English Civil War, making the pieces at the Kremlin exceedingly rare and historically important. The silver items - a large water pot with snake-shaped handle and spout, a flat drinking cup, a magnificent flagon shaped like a leopard, and more -exemplify the developing ties between England and Russia. Some pieces were brought to Russia as diplomatic gifts, some were presented by English trading agents, while others were purchased for the Tsar's Treasury. Setting these silver treasures in fuller context, the book also features precious objects made by Russian craftsmen, a group of English firearms from the Kremlin collection, and engravings, books, and maps that illuminate...
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