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Bringing Out Their Best: Values Education and Character Development through Traditional Tales

Автор: Norma J. Livo
Год: 2003
Издание: Libraries Unlimited
Страниц: 250
ISBN: 1563089343
Here are more than 60 tales that exemplify, support, and promote the strong values and character traits that we wish to instill in our youth today. They also support the character education that is being mandated in state after state throughout the country. Grouped into 12 sections based on specific values, such as love, perserverance, fairness, and cooperation (with a separate chapter on dealing with bullies), these tales have been passed down through the ages in diverse cultures and traditions from all over the world-from Japan and India to Greece, Scotland, Africa, and the Americas. There are folktales, fables, Zen Buddhist tales, stories from the Judeo Christian Bible--even true historic tales. At the end of each section, educator and storyteller Norma Livo offers activity ideas and suggestions for discussions pertinent to specific stories and values. In addition, there is an appendix of general activity ideas that can be used in character education.
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