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Breathe Free Or Die : The Layman's Guide to MOLD and other Indoor Air Quality Problems

Автор: Stephen M. Huff
Год: 2004
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 154
ISBN: 1413707645
Book DescriptionBreathe Free or Die: The Layman's Guide to MOLD and Other Indoor Air Quality Problems is a straightforward presentation of the subject of indoor air quality. It was written with the intention that virtually anyone should be able to comprehend and walk away with the ability to think with the information. Mr. Huff even answers the key question of why mold exposure has become a worsening problem over several decades. Although much of the focus is on the subject of mold, basic data on the most common problems with indoor air are presented as well. For instance, a complete chapter deals with the necessity to provide sufficient outside air to a building. The author is one of the first in this field to strongly encourage providing outside air through the ventilation system in homes. Sufficient outside air is mandated for most commercial buildings, but there is generally no such requirement for residences. With many insurance companies dropping or limiting coverage for...
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