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Brand Driven: The Route to Integrated Branding Through Great Leadership

Автор: F. Joseph Lepla, Lynn M. Parker, Susan V. Davis
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ISBN: 0749437979
A sequel to the authors? highly acclaimed book " Integrated Branding", "Brand Driven" gives leaders at all levels the tools for integrating their entire organization with their brand. It shows how leaders, from the mailroom to the boardroom, can play an important role in the organization?s ability to build and communicate a strong brand. "Brand Driven" explains effective practices for developing brand leaders, brand strategy plans, and the employee brand, while focusing a company?s culture, assets, practices, communications and strategies using brand tools. Using real-life examples "Brand Driven" shows readers how to focus every employee?s actions on delivering brand promise; create the tools to achieve integrated branding; ensure long-lasting customer loyalty; integrate internal with external communications; create short term and long term brand strategies and increase company value and market share. With contributions by Eric Nobis, Lisa Samuelson,...
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