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Bradbury's Elementary Algebra

Автор: William F. Bradbury
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 296
ISBN: 1443708631
BRADBURY'S ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA, DESIGNED FOR TRE USE OF HIGH SCHOOLS AND ACADEMIES, WILLIAM F. BRADBURY. PREFACE. IT was the intention of the author of Eatons Arithmetics to add to the series an Algebra, and he had com- menced the preparation of such a work. Althougll its completion has devolved upon another, the author, as far as practicable in a work of this character, has followett the same general plan that has made the Arithinetics so popular, and spared no labor to adapt the book to the wants of pupils commencing this branch of mathematics. A fell- problems have been introduced in Section II., to awaken the pupils interest in Algebraic operations, ancl thus prepare him for the inore abstract principles .yhich must be mastered before the more difficult problems can be solved. Special attention is invited to the arrangement of the equations in Elimination to the Second hlethod of Completing the Square in Affected Quadratics and to the number and variety of the examples given...
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