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Bologna (+ Pullout Map)

Автор: Lisa Gerard-Sharp
Год: 2012
Издание: Apa Publications
Страниц: 96
ISBN: 9789812821317
This brand new edition Insight Pocket Guide is the ideal companion for your trip to Bologna. Expertly written by a local author, it features four tailor-made itineraries designed to cover all the recommended sights and attractions, including Bologna's historic heart - around the Piazza, noble and mercantile Bologna, the University District, and Bologna off the beaten track. A further eight routes form excursions around the region, still within easy reach of the city, covering everything from Parma to Rimini and the Adriatic Coast. You can pick the tour to suit the time you have to spare; either half-day, full-day or overnight excursion, so no matter how long your stay you can be sure you will see the very best of Bologna. Each route is clearly marked on a detailed, fully-indexed, pull-out map that can be used in conjunction with the guide or independently. The guide also features information on shopping, entertainment and all the main cultural events throughout the year, whilst...
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