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Board Leadership, No. 64, 2002 (J-B BL Single Issue Board Leadership Journal)

Автор: John Carver
Год: 2003
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ISBN: 0787963682
Book DescriptionArticles include: What Are the Other Models? by Susan Mogensen The discussion forums on PolicyGovernance.com host many illuminating conversations about governance, and occasionally, Board Leadership publishes a particularly articulate and timely post, with grateful acknowledgement of the author. The following is one such post: a pointed question about the alternatives to Policy Governance. Policy Governance and Other Governance Models Compared by Caroline Oliver Many observers would say that Policy Governance is the first "governance model," but boards are presented with a range of other options. In this article, Caroline Oliver gives an overview of those other options. What are they? How do they function? Are they really models, or are they merely descriptions of some common board arrangements? What are their relative advantages and disadvantages? And most important, are they likely to foster good governance?
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