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Blueprint Two. Student Cassette (аудиокурс на аудиокассете)

Автор: Brian Abbs & Ingrid Freebairn
Год: 1991
Издание: Addison Wesley Longman
Страниц: [не указано]
ISBN: 058207536, 058207536X, 058207536X
Аудиокурс к книге "Blueprint Two. Workbook". Blueprint Two is a fully-integrated course for elementary and pre-intermediate students of English. Blueprint Two builds on the foundation of skills and confidence established by "Blueprint One", with an emphasis on reading and writing. Blueprint enables students to see clearly what they are learning and why: - Preview sections contextualise the language which is to follow. - Focus boxes in each unit highlight the language content. - Check exercises help students to monitor their progress. - A Language Review reference section provides a complete grammar summary. Blueprint encourages students to explore the language and to learn efficiently: - Inductive grammar questions stimulate students to reflect on how the language works. - Learning to learn sections give students advice on how to improve their learning skills. Blueprint relates to students' lives and...
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