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Blissful Data: Wisdom and Strategies for Providing Meaningful, Useful, and Accessible Data for All Employees

Автор: Margaret Y. Chu
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0814407803
Analyzing information and acting accordingly is a key strategic goal of every business. But vast quantities of data are of little use if they are not structured and kept in such a way as to be readily accessible and applicable. Only optimally organized information can drive maximum productivity. Blissful Data is a reader-friendly book that reveals what it takes to achieve a state of perfect organization within the environment of a successful data warehouse. This timely book will help the reader: * understand how data evolves into information that drives better decision making * recognize the pitfalls, caused by people and politics, that lead to short-sighted solutions and long-term problems * manage data warehousing costs, performance, and expectations effectively * apply project management fundamentals to data warehouse endeavors Blissful Data includes dozens of examples, as well as case studies illustrating successful, unsuccessful, and disastrous data warehouse...
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