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Black Beauty: Teacher's Book

Автор: Anna Sewell
Год: 2011
Страниц: 78
ISBN: 9781849741316
Readers are an important element in any language programme, as they help students broaden their horizons and understand the cultures of other countries and other periods in history. Through reading literature, students become familiar with other points of view and develop their skills of critical thinking and appraisal because they have to consider a book carefully and form their own opinions of it by discussing its strengths and weaknesses. Students become personally involved in the lives of the characters and, for a short time, inhabit a world that is completely different from that of their everyday lives. In this way, they focus on the meanings behind the English language and not merely on its structure (vocabulary, grammar, etc). The Express Publishing Classic Readers series is designed for use at home as well as in class. It can therefore be used alongside any programme, regardless of the time available in the school timetable. If you decide to use this reader in...
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