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Bitch we can Share Part I

Автор: Chenette Whitfield
Год: 2011

Страниц: 88
ISBN: 1449087485
Meet four female best friends:Sequoia Birmingham-Wallace, Zikhya Palmer,Menijah Jones,and Raleigh McDowell. These girls were like sisters and didn't dare let anything or anyone come in between them. Sequoia's husband,Morton Wallace a.k.a. Mo-T in the streets dissaprove of his wife's choice of friends. Sequoia refuses to choose between the people whom she love the most in the whole world. Due to his own infidelities,he fears that her friends will suck her into the life of betrayal,lies,and deceit. Selfishly,Morton comes up with a plan to destroy the girls' friendship forever. Read how shelfishness,jealousy,and betrayal put a life long relationship and friendship on the line. This time,will they survive the tragedy?
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