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Bird in Flight: Memoir of a Survivor and Scholar

Автор: Edith Balas
Год: 2011
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 320
ISBN: 0887485383
Bird in Flight: Memoir of a Survivor and Scholar is the story of Edith Balas, a self-described "professional survivor." In 1944 her almost idyllic childhood in the Transylvanian city of Cluj was shattered when Germany occupied Hungary and her family was deported to the death camp at Auschwitz. Miraculously, she survived the horrors of Auschwitz, the slave labor camp at Unterlu?ss, and Bergen-Belsen. After returning to Cluj she married Egon Balas, a promising young diplomat, and their future seemed bright--until 1952, when her husband, having fallen from favor with Romania's Communist regime, was arrested and disappeared for over two years. Edith herself became persona non grata. Although her husband was eventually released, their prospects in Romania were dim, and, after years of struggle and disappointment, they finally succeeded in emigrating to the United States. Since then, Egon has become a celebrated mathematician and Edith a respected art historian, best known for her...
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