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Beyond the Waterfall: A Musical Story

Автор: Terry A Clements
Год: 2010
Издание: CreateSpace
Страниц: 174
ISBN: 1453638954
Beyond the Waterfall by Terry A Clements A truly "old-fashioned" musical in the classical vein, "Beyond the Waterfall" is a story of love. Sweeping, colorful locales encircling the globe lend a distinctly European flavor to the plot, which encompasses characters of varied ethnicities, and explores the multi-faceted aspects of love in its many forms. Fast-paced action and incidents of tragedy and despair offset the overall message of joy and hope, seen through the eyes of a generation of personalities. Clever melodies advance a Shakespeare-like collection of lyrics and plot lines on a fantastic voyage through portals and realms to the "beyond."
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