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Beyond Dancing: A Veteran's Struggle, a Woman's Triumph

Автор: Anita Bloom Ornoff
Год: 2003
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 311
ISBN: 091015550, 091015550X, 091015550X
Book DescriptionIt was with a sense of adventure, a call to service, and a touch of defiance that twenty-one-year-old Anita Bloom enlisted in the army. It was 1943, less than a year since the Women?s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) had been formed when one day, a elegant-looking woman in WAAC uniform entered the store where Anita was working. Bloom followed her every move. Her journey began when she shipped off to camp and became fast friends with several other new soldiers. Together, they memorized army regulations, went to map reading class, and learned how to march. The young women in camp were of many different backgrounds and beliefs. Anita encountered anti-Semitism, but also learned the importance of moving past differences as she generally acclimated herself to Army life. She didn?t even notice the bite-sized cut on her thumb at first. Even when it started hurting, becoming painful enough to keep her up at night, the technician?s indifference to her...
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