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Beyond Certainty: The Changing Worlds of Organizations

Автор: Charles Handy
Год: 1998
Издание: Harvard Business School Press
Страниц: 240
ISBN: 0875847633
Handy is perhaps the leading management thinker in Great Britain today, and he can be compared to Peter Drucker. Handy's Age of Unreason (1989) and Age of Paradox (1994) have found such wide U.S. readership that Gods of Management, his first book, was reissued late last year so it could be introduced over here. Now comes this collection of 35 essays; 31 of these short, thoughtful pieces are new to the U.S., having appeared in the British management journal Director. Handy's constant theme is uncertainty as he considers the nature and culture of work, the paradox of economic growth, the challenge of education, and the role of organizations.
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