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"Best Secrets of Great Small Businesses: Creative, Innovative, and Cost-Saving Ideas from Great Business Minds"

Автор: Ray Silverstein
Год: 2006
Издание: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Страниц: 256
ISBN: 1402207662
"Everyone knows that entrepreneurs are the craftiest innovators in business. But not everyone knows the secrets that make their companies great. The Best Secrets of Great Small Businesses is the ultimate entrepreneurial guidebook for budding small business owners or managers at traditional companies. This book contains a wealth of phenomenal ideas, such as: The company that schedules meetings at odd times (8:37) to encourage on-time attendance The owner who discovered a way to get a fee from any customer who poached an employee An entrepreneur who found a way to skip UPS zones on shipping, turning the savings into profits The manager who issued "Benefits Report Cards" to raise awareness and boost employee morale The Best Secrets of Great Small Businesses gives readers the insights of a peer advisory group-at a fraction of the cost!"
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