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Behavioral Intervals in Embedded Software: Timing and Power Analysis of Embedded Real-Time Software Processes

Автор: Fabian Wolf
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ISBN: 1402071353
Behavioral Intervals in Embedded Software introduces a comprehensive approach to timing, power, and communication analysis of embedded software processes. Embedded software timing, power and communication are typically not unique but occur in intervals which result from data dependent behavior, environment timing and target system properties. In system design, these intervals are used in many ways. In some cases, only the worst case is of interest, e.g. for single processor schedulability analysis, in another context both best and worst cases are relevant, such as for multiprocessor scheduling. In all these cases, these behavioral intervals of the individual software processes are fundamental data needed to analyze system behavior. With growing importance of embedded software, formal analysis of behavioral intervals has met increasing interest. Major contributions were the introduction of implicit path enumeration and the inclusion of cache analysis. While all approaches are...
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