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Bedtime Baby

Автор: Alicia Padron
Год: 2012
Издание: Ladybird Books Ltd
Страниц: 18
ISBN: 9781409310419
One little baby, just like you. When it's bedtime, what does he do? "Bedtime Baby" is a delightful book for parents and babies to look at together. The beautiful illustrations show one little baby at each stage of bedtime: having his nappy changed, looking at a bedtime story and snuggling down with teddy at the end of the day. "Ladybird Happy Baby Books" are peep-through books showing babies in their daily routines, such as bedtime and bath time. The rhyming text describes what is happening in each picture, as baby looks through the hole in the page to find out what the baby in the book is doing next.
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