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Bead Fantasies IV: The Ultimate Collection of Beautiful, Easy-to-Make Jewelry

Автор: Takako Samejima
Год: 2006
Издание: Japan Publications Trading Company
Страниц: 80
ISBN: 4889962042
In the fourth volume of her bestselling Bead Fantasies series, acclaimed designer Takako Samejima offers detailed instructions for creating over 50 individual pieces of beaded jewelry. From such stunners as the Art Deco Necklace and Ring, the Tiger Eye Broch and the Moonstone Leaf Choker, to the Twinkle Flower (Cubic Zirconia) Necklace, Pearl Wrap Ring and Key Charm Pierced Earrings, each piece in the collection is exquisite, unique and easy to make-even for a beginner. The book is organized into three pats: Part I: Dressy Style, which includes sections entitled "Nostalgia," "Antique," "Retro Modern," "Classic," "Gothic," "Luxury," "Gorgeous," and "British" Part II: Keywords, in which the different accessories are grouped around the type of materials ormotifs used, such as Cubic Zirconia, Amazonite, Pink Jadeite, Pearls, Fringe, Coil, Wrap and Leather Thread Part III: Quick Made Accessories. Beautiful necklaces, rings and pierced earrings for last-minute gifts or additions to one's...
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