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BEA WebLogic Workshop Kick Start

Автор: Joe Weber, Mark Wutka
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0672324172
BEA WebLogic Workshop is a rapid application development tool that makes building Java-based Web service applications simple. With just a basic foundation of Java programming, you can use WebLogic Workshop to develop Web services. BEA WebLogic Workshop Kick Start provides everything you need to get started with WebLogic Workshop, including a quick Java primer and appendixes covering the essentials of XML, SOAP and WSDL. Learn the features of WebLogic Workshop and review hundreds of code examples, and explore the inner workings of this new tool. The book's CD-ROM contains all the source code and examples from the book, plus a 90-day trial version of BEA WebLogic Platform, which includes WebLogic Workshop. Foreword Web services have attracted much attention recently as the next "big thing" in computing technology. Vendors of all shapes and sizes have announced their support for Web services technologies, and every month a new Web services conference is popping up...
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