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Bayou Dogs (The Haunting of Derek Stone, Book 2)

Автор: Tony Abbott
Год: 2009
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 144
ISBN: 0545034302
Could the road to the afterlife be a two-way street? Derek's brother Ronny isn't himself. No, really. Ronny's body has been taken over by the long-dead soul of a man named Virgil Black. Lucky for him, Virgil is one of the good guys. Not all of them are. In fact, a Legion of evil souls is staging a serious comeback. And they're staging it at Bayou Malpierre, the site of Derek's most horrible nightmare. That nightmare is about to get even worse. . . . EXCERPT: The house was empty, abandoned. Even the furniture was gone. I collapsed breathless on the floor. The boards were sodden. Rain had poured in through a busted window and puddled the floor. My pants soaked through. I didn't get up. I couldn't get up. I was exhausted. I didn't care. "Ronny --" I started. "Quiet. They're only a mile or two away. They'll hear you." He was right about that, too. The dead were coming. They were coming for me.
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