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Battle at Sea: 3,000 Years of Naval Warfare

Автор: R. G. Grant
Год: 2008
Издание: DK Adult
Страниц: 360
ISBN: 0756639735
"Battle at Sea" looks at every aspect of the story of warfare on, above, and under the sea, including classic naval engagements daring raids carried out on ships in harbor, and landing operations such as D-Day, where control of the sea was essential to transport land forces to new battlefronts. Special features within the book include: graphic and dramatic battle catalogs relating the stories of the men, ships, and organizations behind history's greatest naval conflicts; spectacular 3D digital artworks following the crucial stages of key battles, step by step; profiles of naval crew - the captain, officers, gunners, quartermaster, surgeon, cooks, and boatswains - exploring their changing roles throughout history; eyewitness accounts recreating the experience of the opposing forces in key battles, whether preparing for conflict, in the heat of battle, or dealing with the aftermath of an engagement; photographic tours revealing the intricate details of surviving or reconstructed...
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