Вторая мировая война (1939-1945)

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Barbarossa: The Russian-German Conflict 1941-1945

Автор: Alan Clark
Год: 2005
Издание: Cassell
Страниц: 560
ISBN: 9780304358649
At dawn on Midsummer's Day, 1941, the Wehrmacht rolled forward across the Soviet frontier. Barbarossa - the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany - had begun: a head-on conflict between two totalitarian systems, two tyrants, that was to lead to-the fiercest, most protracted and bloodiest fighting of the Second World War. In this classic account of the conflict that decided the outcome of the war, Alan Clark describes in absorbing detail the momentous battles of the Eastern Front, from the initial catastrophic Russian defeats to the turning point of Stalingrad and the Red Army's advance on Berlin. Drawing on Soviet and German sources, "Barbarossa" covers a vast and dramatic canvas, as for four years the two sides were locked in a desperate and merciless struggle.
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