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Bankroll your Future: How to Get the Most from Uncle Sam for Your Retirement Years--Social Security, Medicare, and Much More

Автор: Ellen Hoffman
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ISBN: 1557043558
In the tradition of the bestselling You've Earned It, Don't Lose It-an essential guide to retirement decision-making from a seasoned Uncle Sam-watcher and Money magazine writer and Washington Post columnist. "An invaluable resource for every American planning for a secure retirement." -Senator William V. Roth, U.S. Senate Finance Committee and creator of the Roth IRA. To help people make the right retirement decisions starting now, Ellen Hoffman has compiled in one book what all Americans, regardless of age, need to know about preserving their retirement income, promoting and maintaining their health, and protecting their home and assets. The nine easy-to-read chapters cover: Social Security, Pensions, Retirement Savings, Job Security and Age Discrimination, Medicare, Medicaid/Long-Term Care, Other Health Programs, Your Retirement Home, and Consumer Protection. Also included are three checklists of potential retirement-related tax savings.
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