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Aveline Kushi's Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking: For Health, Harmony, and Peace

Автор: Aveline Kushi, Alex Jack
Год: 1988
Издание: Warner Books
Страниц: 432
ISBN: 0446386340
In 1951 Q young Japanese woman came to the United States to further international peace and understanding. Though she was an accomplished gymnast and skilled artist, she had never cooked before. But out of love for her husband, macrobiotic educator Michio Kushi, and later her family, Aveline Kushi learned to apply principles of balance and intuition to daily food preparation. In the 1960s, Erewhon, America's pioneer natural foods distributor, started in her kitchen. Today she trains thousands of cooks each year through the many East West centers and Kushi Institutes she and her husband have established throughout the world. Now, with Alex Jack, former editor-in-chief of Eost West Journal, Aveline Kushi fully explains how to create balanced whole food meals the whole family will enjoy. She shows you: How to prepare brown rice, miso soup, tofu, and other natural foods the macrobiotic way in today's kitchen; Where to buy and how to select the highest quality...
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