AutoCAD. Конструкторское проектирование. Программирование на AutoLISP

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AutoCAD(R) for Architectural Drawing Using AutoCAD(R) 2002

Автор: Beverly L. Kirkpatrick, James M. Kirkpatrick
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ISBN: 0130971049
This well-organized book, built around architectural projects, helps users master the AutoCAD and industry standard graphics program. Command prompts and margin art throughout the book have all been updated to AutoCAD Release 2002. The AutoCAD Design Center, new object snaps, new lineweight settings, autotracking, quick dimensioning, plotting with layouts, right-click menus, 3dOrbit, solidedit and Properties dialog box have been incorporated into relevant chapters. The book makes a valuable self-paced tutorial for entry-level employees, and a good reference for updating architects who have purchased AutoCAD 2002. A four-part organization presents an introduction to using AutoCAD 2002, covers two-dimensional AutoCAD; explores special topics, and concludes the treatment with three-dimensional AutoCAD. This accessible format moves from basic commands to complex drawing exercises and utilizes a step-by-step learning process.
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