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Автор: William Harrison Ainsworth
Год: 2002
Издание: Borgo Press
Страниц: 204
ISBN: 1587155931
Auriol: The Elixir of Life. Flashes of light passed before Auriol?s eyes, and strange noises smote his ears. The furnace breathed forth flames and mephitic vapors; the spiral worm of the alembic became red hot, and seemed filled with molten lead; the skeletons grinned and gibbered; the monstrous sea-fish belched forth fire and smoke; the bald decapitated head opened its eyes, and fixed them, with a stony glare, on the young man; while the dead alchemist shook his hand menacingly at him. A weird and spinetingling classic from the author of The Lancashire Witches.
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