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Atlas of Office Interiors

Автор: Alex Sanchez Vidiella
Год: 2008
Издание: Loft Publications, Rockport Publishers
Страниц: 600
ISBN: 9781592534319, 1592534317
The increase in the demand for work spaces in large cities is inspiring architects and interior designers to achieve feats of ingenuity, which oftentimes result in true works of art. The information technology evolution, changes in lifestyles, and the development of new materials, have had a decisive influence on spatial conception, internal organization, and the design of office spaces. In collaborating on the interiors of these eclectic and innovative offices, the architects and designers have sought functionality, but have also considered the company's corporate image. Inside you'll find floor plans and beautiful full-color photos of over 600 different office space design ideas, making "Atlas of Office Interiors" one of the most comprehensive collections of office space design images ever published. Presented in the "atlas" format, it is a reference book that walks you through innovatively designed and constructed office spaces all over the world. It's an essential and...
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