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Atlas of Anatomy (Thieme Anatomy) (Thieme Anatomy)

Автор: MA, Brian R. MacPherson, PhD, Lawrence M Ross, MD, Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 672
ISBN: 160406062, 160406062X, 160406062X
Authored by renowned anatomists and teachers Anne M. Gilroy, Brian R. MacPherson, and Lawrence M. Ross, Atlas of Anatomy contains everything students need to successfully tackle the daunting challenges of anatomy. Complete with exquisite, full-color illustrations by award-winning artists Markus Voll and Karl Wesker, the atlas is organized to lead students step-by-step through each region of the body. Each region opens with the foundational skeletal framework. The subsequent chapters build upon this foundation, adding the muscles, then organs, then vessels, then nerves, and finally presenting topographic anatomy for a comprehensive view. Each unit closes with surface anatomy accompanied by questions that ask the reader to apply knowledge learned for the real-life physical examination of patients.Features:2,200 full-color illustrations of unsurpassed quality Brief introductory texts that provide an accessible entry point when a new topic is presentedClinical correlates and images,...
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