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Assumption and Other Stories

Автор: Daniel A. Olivas
Год: 2003
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 157
ISBN: 1931010196
Book DescriptionAssumption is a collection of 18 short stories that revolve around Latinos in Southern California. The characters are so varied, that they defy easy stereotypes: converted Jews, lesbians, lawyers, newscasters, Catholic schoolchildren ? just to name a few. In the suspenseful "Summertime," the parents of nine-year-old Jonathan Cohen-Ramirez are confronted with their greatest fears when a deranged white supremacist opens fire on people at the Jewish children?s day camp that Jonathan attends. "Weatherman" tells the amusing tale of Castro Ramirez, a Los Angeles media personality who builds his fame by using the correct Spanish pronunciation of California city names during weather broadcasts. When a ruthless competitor attempts to beat Ramirez at his own game, the results are startling?and hilarious. Shifting effortlessly between pathos and wry comedy, Olivas is able through his character-driven stories to explore how a married...
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