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Ascension: Star Wars (Fate of the Jedi)

Автор: Christie Golden
Год: 2012

Страниц: 512
ISBN: 034550917, 034550917X, 034550917X
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A THE GALAXY STANDS LEADERLESS. CAN THE JEDI SAVE ITa??OR WILL THEIR ENEMIES ENSLAVE IT?The toppling of ruthless Natasi Daala has left a political vacuum on Coruscant and ignited a power struggle between opposing factions racing to claim control of the Galactic Alliance. Surrounded by hidden agendas, treacherous conspiracies, and covert Sith agents, the Jedi Order must keep the government from collapsing into anarchya??while facing the combined threats of the resurgent Lost Sith Tribe, a deposed dictator bent on vengeance, and the enduring menace of Abeloth, the profoundly evil entity hungry to become a god. A “[Christie] Golden’s excellent storytelling captures the essence of the beloved space opera and should leave series followers eagerly anticipating the story’s conclusion.”a??Library Journal
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