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Art For Travellers Greece: The Essential Guide To Viewing Art In Greece (Art for Travellers)

Автор: Bill Hannan
Год: 2005
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 302
ISBN: 1566565928
Book DescriptionThe art of Classical Greece has had an astonishing influence on Western art for more than two millennia. Art in Greece, however, extends over even more millennia. Neolithic material dates from about 7000 BCE. Rich and separable styles have been reliably dated by experts from as long ago as 3000 BCE. Greek art, in short, is not just marble statues of Venus and ruins of temples, wonderful though these are. It ranges over the full gamut of styles from abstract geometric to vivid realism. This travel guide for art lovers winds through the main periods and styles of over three millennia of art on the islands and mainland. Even without a detailed knowledge of Greek civilization, it is an enjoyable trail to follow, but this book enhances the enjoyment by throwing light on the myths and beliefs that inspired and guided the art. It also gives some practical information about travel, opening times, social life and eating in Greece. These trails through Greece focus on...
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