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ARIS Design Platform: Getting Started with BPM

Автор: Rob Davis, Eric BrabA¤nder
Год: 2007
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 364
ISBN: 1846286123
This practical "how-to" guide to both using the ARIS Design Platform and, more importantly, how to use it to create real business models, follows Rob Davis’ hugely successful, Business Process Modelling with ARIS (Springer 2001). This second volume describes the ARIS Business Architect and ARIS Business Designer web clients of the newly released ARIS 7 Design Platform. Rob Davis has teamed up with Eric BrabA¤nder of IDS Scheer to provide practical answers to the following questions using the new web-based ARIS Design Platform: • How do we get started with the ARIS Design Platform? • How do we establish company-wide Business Process Management? • How do we setup a project with ARIS? • Which modelling methods should we use? • How do we structure a process architecture with ARIS? • How do we effectively use the technical architecture of ARIS (Servers, Databases, Objects, Web...
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