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Architect?s Essentials of Presentation Skills

Автор: David Greusel
Год: 2002
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 240
ISBN: 9780471176756
? Covers all aspects of making a presentation, from preparation to delivery ? Provides the tools to succeed in your next project interview ? Presents guidelines for capturing an audience and creating a "stage presence" Easy access to crucial business information for design professionals Find the concise, practical business information you need right now in the Architect?s Essentials of Professional Practice Series. These authoritative guides quickly make you an instant expert on the best business practices crucial for success in today?s design and construction professions. Each portable, affordable, user–friendly volume gives you: ? Authoritative advice from leading national figures ? Flip–and–find access to critical business topics ? Bulleted lists and callout boxes for quick reference ? Clear, insightful explanations of complex business topics Architect?s Essentials of Presentation Skills provides invaluable techniques and tools for...
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