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Apple Pro Training Series: Advanced Editing Techniques in Final Cut Pro 5

Автор: Michael Wohl
Год: 2005
Издание: Peachpit Press
Страниц: 648
ISBN: 032133549, 032133549X, 032133549X
In the only Apple-certified guide to advanced video editing techniques, award-winning filmmaker Michael Wohl delivers comprehensive training in the real-world skills that professionals use every day. Working through six hours of superb raw footage on two DVD-9 discs, you’ll learn to cut dialogue, action, comedy, chases, fights, interviews, documentaries, music videos, and multi-camera projects, as well as complete an entire audio mix. Unlike other software books, Wohl teaches you to use Final Cut Pro’s advanced features while you explore the art of crafting a story on film. So, for example, rather than just learn how dynamic trimming works, you’ll learn why it works and in what situations you’d want to use it. And as you perfect your split edits, you’ll learn to match angles, cut for reactions, and use cutaways and inserts effectively in dialogue. You’ll discover how editing choices make comedy funny, drama moving, or chases...
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