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Anytime, Anywhere: How the Best Bricks-and-Clicks Businesses Deliver Seamless Service To Their Customers

Автор: Robert Spector
Год: 2003
Издание: Perseus Books Group
Страниц: 304
ISBN: 0738208035
Lessons from a dozen market leaders who have mastered the game of multi-channel service. In Anytime, Anywhere , Robert Spector showcases the pioneering efforts of a dozen companies who are now increasing market share by combining the best of both physical and virtual worlds. From Wells Fargo to Powell's Books to the San Francisco Giants, companies in every industry are discovering that "seamless service"--integrating all elements of the customer experience with consistent messages and execution--offers a competitive edge that technology alone can never achieve. Packed with practical advice and colorful, in-depth stories from the front lines, Anytime, Anywhere shows any business how to meet, and exceed, the expectations of customers through all points of contact.
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