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Antioxidant Vitamins and Health: Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Cataracts, and Aging

Автор: Claude Fernand Bourgeois
Год: 2003
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 310
ISBN: 0966428668
Book DescriptionAntioxidant Vitamins and Health is about the role played by antioxidant nutrients in the prevention of chronic degenerative diseases and conditions. The book begins with some background on free radicals, the reactive oxygen species generated in vivo, then describes the mechanism of antioxidation and the antioxidant defenses of humans. Each of the succeeding chapters covers a main topic: cardiovascular disease, cancer, cataracts, and aging. The most important epidemiological studies carried out over the past two decades are thoroughly discussed and compared. The results are summarized in a concluding chapter, and an extensive list of references is provided. The book will appeal to researchers in the fields of antioxidants, cardiovascular disease, cancer, cataracts, and aging; nutritional scientists; and students in these disciplines.
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